~ Million Dollar BF ~ My first impressions

2017-11-02-19.23I’m writing blog about my first impressions of the new game, Cinderella TV by Arithmetic. I need to write about something positive.

● Cinderella TV is well translated like SSS. There are a few errors here and there, but most games have those.

● What about the MC? I really like her(^v^) I know that she looks like “the-same-as-always MC” (traditional). She’s humble, shy and blushes easily. But, she still speaks up for herself more often than not. She also has a witty internal dialogue. 685dbee90b093b7a6b48817f2f7449b37ebd0648_hq Aaaaand, what really makes her different from EVERY other MC, is that she isn’t afraid to reciprocate and take initiative in the bedroom. I get so tired of MCs who just freeze whenever the guy makes a move (kiss him backvOK). Not this MC…she’s an active participantヽ(^-^)ノ

And my favourite part – GUYS… ^∇^



LEON like Ayato from 7Hotties but he's not him

Leon can be a bit arrogant and pushy in the beginning. But he undergoes character growth throughout his route, shows remorse when he messes up, and genuinely cares for the MC. Once he realizes how she feels, he stops being so pushy. He’s very nice to the MC and tends to blush often when she surprises him. I really like him and teasing too. 


YUMA very similar to Taiga

Yuma was the first one I picked, and he’s my favorite of the two. His route contains one of my favorite tropes which I thought made their romance all the sweeter. I had lots of nosebleeding moments in his route.😍 I think he’s similar to Taiga, but I were misudistend. He’s also very sensual and teasing. Leon and Yuma are good at the sexy teasing. LoL

As for the other guys… I don’t know. I hope the company releases routes for them as possible.

Now, I’m wanting to replay Leon’s route without mistakes. And look for help with this. 😶